Why Steve Dutner?

Steve and friends in 2017’s Chicago Pride Parade

My name is Steve Dutner; I am a life-long resident of Illinois who has been involved in community activism for nearly two decades. I was born to two great parents, married for 50 years now, who taught me about personal and fiscal responsibility. From an early age, I learned the value of hard work, doing odd jobs around the neighborhood and becoming a golf caddy before high school. I held numerous jobs throughout high school and college, while maintaining honors status. I graduated from Elgin Community College in the Honor Society and went on to complete my Bachelors degree in Management and Leadership at Judson University.

I am an avid reader who enjoys both fiction and non-fiction. I love studying political philosophy and economics. I am a fan of Austrian economics and books about civil liberties. My favorite genre of fiction books and movies is Science Fiction. I love Robert A. Heinlein and enjoy both Star Trek and Star Wars. I also love musicals, plays, live music, and other forms of art. I enjoy both wild and domestic cats, sharing my house with two shelter cats and a crazy, exotic Savannah. I support animal adoption from shelters and getting involved in charitable causes. In my spare time, I enjoy visiting new and exciting places with family and friends and staying involved in the community.

Steve with Chicago LP Chair Justin Tucker engaging in local activism.

I became involved in politics through the Libertarian Party because I believe the citizens of Illinois deserve a better government that speaks forĀ them. I have been a key member of numerous campaign teams and have been almost everywhere in Illinois. I received the Activist of the Year award from the Libertarian Party of Illinois in 2016 because of my dedication to helping every citizen of Illinois.

There is much more to Illinois than just the city of Chicago and I plan to continue to travel the entire state to hear everyone’s voice. The Secretary of State’s Office, which includes the DMV, needs more clarity to how it functions and better fiscal solutions on how to reduce its out of control spending. I plan on privatizing the DMV within two years of being elected and leasing space that is empty in some of the DMV buildings.

With the rising cost of living in Illinois, I plan to dramatically reduce the fees for CDL licensing and LLC incorporation, to get workers on the road and business growing. To streamline law enforcement and reduce expenses, I will cut the Secretary of Police staff where their responsibilities overlap with those of the other branches of state and local police agencies.

Steve Dutner and Libertarian Gubernatorial Nominee Kash Jackson

These, and other methods of cost reduction, will allow me to cut down on fees for drivers elsewhere. Working with the Department of Legislative Affairs, I will work to reduce or outright eliminate as many fees as possible. Additionally, I will also eliminate the random proof of insurance checks Illinois’ citizens receive – they are an unnecessary expense and an invasion of privacy.

I believe the Secretary of State has a vital role in helping the citizens of Illinois to prosper by leaving more of your money in your pocket to invest in your families and your future. I will support the growth of jobs and innovation in Illinois by making it easier to establish businesses. I will use your money wisely and efficiently by reducing unnecessary spending. I can only do this with your support. Vote for something different, vote for Steve Dutner for Illinois Secretary of State.

I hope to see all of you on the campaign trail!