Why Steve Dutner?

As a lifelong resident of Illinois, Steve has been involved in community activism for nearly two decades. Steve learned personal and fiscal responsibility and the value of hard work from a young age, holding numerous jobs throughout high school and college. He graduated from Elgin Community College in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and went on to complete his bachelor’s degree in Management and Leadership at Judson University.

Steve is an avid reader. He enjoys studying political philosophy and economics as well as books about civil liberties. Steve also love musicals, plays, live music, and other forms of art. He is fond of both wild and domestic cats and currently owns two shelter cats and an exotic Savannah.

Steve became involved in politics through the Libertarian Party because he believes the citizens of Illinois deserve a better government: a government that works for them. As a key member of numerous campaign teams, Steve has traveled across Illinois and is a member of three Libertarian chapters: the Fox Valley Libertarian Party, the DuPage Libertarians, and the Libertarian Party of DeKalb County. From 2014-2017 Steve was the Activism Director for the Libertarian Party of Illinois. He received a Volunteer Outreach award from the DuPage Libertarians and went on to receive the Activist of the Year award from the Libertarian Party of Illinois in 2016. Steve is currently the Vice Chair and SOC representative for the DuPage Libertarians. He also serves as a Township Committeeman for Hanover Township.

There is much more to Illinois than just the city of Chicago, and Steve plans to continue to reach out to Illinoisans across the entire state. The Secretary of State’s Office needs more clarity on how it functions and better fiscal solutions on how to reduce its out-of-control spending. Steve believes the Secretary of State has a vital role in helping the citizens of Illinois to prosper by leaving more of your money in your pocket to invest in your families and your future. He will use your money wisely and efficiently by reducing unnecessary spending. He can only do this with your support.

Vote for something different; vote for Steve Dutner for Illinois.

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