“Believe in Steve”

I plan on privatizing the DMV within two years of being elected and leasing space that is empty in some of the DMV buildings. I will be cutting wasteful spending on grants that the Secretary of State shouldn't even be giving. To help with renewal and fee costs, I will be advertising on the cyberillinois web page and renewal cards. I will also be reducing the Secretary of State police staff. They enforce much of the same code as other law enforcement. These, and other methods of cost reduction, will allow me to cut down on fees for drivers elsewhere. LLC costs are way too high to start and maintain a business. That will change. I am hearing from voters that they not only think forms are complicated through the office, but that the fees for them are asinine. No fee will EVER go up when I am in office, yet you will see a dramatic reduction or elimination of many of them. I will demand this through the Department of Legislative Affairs. Additionally, people around the state are randomly receiving letters from the Secretary of State demanding proof of insurance. This is unconstitutional. Innocent until proven guilty: Bring a warrant.

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